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Christian Car Magnets - Ten Commandments

"And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates."


Ten Commandment Car Magnets

Christian car magnets
Christian Car Magnets

Ten Commandment Magnets

These magnets are 17.58" wide by 11.48" high.

1 Magnet $12.50 each

2 - 5 Magnets $10.00 each

6 - 10 Magnets $9.50 each

11 - 20 Magnets $9.00 each

Shipping and Handling is $8.85 for up to 5, $14.85 for additional.

To order send email to: ten commandments car magnet



5x7 Ten Commandments Car Magnets
Ten Commandments Car Magnets

These Christian Car Magnets are 5.5" W x 4.88" H

1 Magnet $3.50 each

2 - 4 Magnets $2.75 each

5 - 9 Magnets $2.50 each

10 - 24 Magnets $2.00 each

25 - 49 Magnets $1.75 each

50 - 99 Magnets $1.50 each

100+ Magnets $0.95 each

Shipping and Handling is $7.95 per 100 ordered or portion thereof:



Create Your Own Christian Car Magnet

Heritage Advertising will help you
Design and Produce your own Christian Car Magnet


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To order send email to: ten commandments car magnets

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