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"And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates."



A book about Judge Roy Moore - former Chief Justice Alabama Supreme Court



There is a Goliath in Alabama. His title is Special Interests and his arena is state government. Under charming exteriors and behind winning personalities, carefully concealed from the public, he swaggers through its corridors, manipulating its machinery of men and procedures to turn out a political product specially made for his benefit. Like his biblical namesake, Alabama's Goliath is very big, very strong, and loves to throw his weight around, which he has been doing for a long time, only with more sophistication than the ancient Philistine.

I do not know how many serious challengers have taken him on over the years or how many solid blows they landed. All I know is he is still there, and they are gone. He is entrenched. He is dug in. He is determined to stay, and he has all the advantages. To get him out looks impossible. The situation might appear hopeless except for one little fact. It is an important little fact, and Alabamians need to remember it. It is this: things looked the same way when David walked into the valley of Elah with a slingshot, took one of his five smooth stones, planted it in Goliath's forehead then substantially reduced the giant's height and permanently reduced his power by separating his big head from the rest of his harmless body.

The Special Interest giant is not invincible. All that is needed is a David. Roy Moore of Alabama is a David. That is not the belief of one man about himself. It is the belief of thousands of Alabamians who have urged Judge Roy Moore of Alabama to seek the office of governor.

There is a twofold purpose for this little book. One is to convince you that these thousands of Alabamians are right in their belief. The other purpose is to present you with a clear picture of how Special Interests have hijacked control of state government from Alabama's citizens. It is this latter purpose we deal with first.


A malignant cancer illustrates the effect of Special Interests on Alabama's government. Cancer is a destructive system living off a system of life and health. Eventually it usurps control, invading the other's space and stealing its vital reserves until the life system is deathly and helplessly sick.

This is what the Special Interest cancer has done and is doing in Alabama. Its presence has spread throughout state government. You will find it in the Administrative branch - including the governor's office, in the legislative branch and in the Commissions specifically created to prevent such political cancers. The judicial branch of government is not free from this invasive malignancy by any means. It is clear to knowledgeable observers that it, too, is infected with Special Interests. Its use of legal decisions to maintain the status quo makes it harder to challenge with clear charges, however, and it is not the focus of the book. If the other parts of state government were cleaned up, it is reasonable to think it would clean up the judiciary as a result. If Special Interests are not seeking its help in court, there would be no reason for decisions prejudiced in favor of Special Interests.

Many forgeries have been circulated through the years as true to life portraits of our state government. The dedication, the integrity, the unselfish service they reflected always seemed too good to be true. It was. What you see in these pages is the real picture. Look carefully and decide if you can say about your state government, "All is well." We begin with the office of governor.







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